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    For some days i'm experiencing many Firefox crashes on openSUSE 12.1 GNOME 32-bit. Version 11 freezes and a downgrade to 10 results in opening the bug report tool. Starting the browser from terminal does not invoke any useful error messages. Safe mode without extensions makes no difference, cleaning the cookies neither. Two definite reasons for this behavior are - trying to write a tweet in twitter, and restoring a session with 36 tabs in 2 windows (which normally is not a problem at all).

    Do you have any ideas?

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    Have you tried to use the Mozilla Repo offered by Yast?
    You can add it from Yast ->Software Repo`s ->Add -> Community Repo`s. Afterward open a terminal and type sudo zypper refresh and then sudo zypper up to update Firefox.
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    I had some random crashes too.
    In my opinion it's related to flash-player.
    Today I installed flash-player- from the repo.
    Hope it solves the problem ...

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    I tried the version from the buildservice repo, it did not solve the issue. I set up a new profile, installed my addons, imported the bookmarks, a the problem was gone. No clue what was wrong though.

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