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Thread: 'taskbar' for 2nd monitor?

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    Default 'taskbar' for 2nd monitor?

    I just installed oS 12.1 KDE on my desktop with dual monitors. I would like to put a 2nd taskbar on the bottom of the 2nd monitor, but whenever I try and make a new panel plasma desktop crashes and I get the bug report option (no matter what way i spin it it's never enough for a "decent" but report).

    Am I now SOL with only 1 taskbar?

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    Default Re: 'taskbar' for 2nd monitor?

    nevermind, it's fixed. logging out and back in still caused the crash. I went through the process of submitting a bug report again, and found that I didn't have the debugging repo, so I added that. Now I have a bug report and just for fun before submitting the bug report I tried making another general panel and this time it worked - go figure. So now I have taskbars for both monitors. Still not sure why it's randomly crashing but the bug report has been submitted.

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