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Thread: [KDE] Desktop background gone MIA

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    I messed up a little with KDE, so I decided to rename the .kde4 folder in my home to reset my desktop to normal settings.
    Then I found out how to fix in a simpler way the problem and renamed .kde4OLD back to .kde4.

    Since then I haven't been able to set a background other than the green opensuse-thingy that is used also as bootsplash.

    What I do:
    • right click on the desktop
    • Desktop settings
    • View
    • Choose a background (default or custom is the same)
    • Reboot/Log out

    And all I get is that same background.

    Any idea on how to fix this? 'Tis quite annoying...

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    Default Re: [KDE] Desktop background gone MIA

    login to icewm or to a virtual console
    cd /var/tmp

    rm -rf kdecache-$USER

    Then login to KDE again, to see if that fixed the problem.

    I don't know for sure whether that will work. However, it has solved similar strange problems for me. It looks as if the session cache can occasionally become corrupted.
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    Default Re: [KDE] Desktop background gone MIA

    Thank you for your answer!

    Sorry I didn't answer earlier, but apparently I forgot to set my subscription...

    Anyway, it did not work...

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