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Thread: file permissions will not change

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    Default file permissions will not change

    i have installed 12.1 and all is slowly coming together. however, i have a second disk which is formatted to NTFS, and i am unable to change the owner and permissions for this disk. as root i am told that it has been done, using chown and chmod. but i still cannot access this directory as i wish?

    any ideas as to why this is?

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    Default Re: file permissions will not change

    The NTFS filesystem does not support Linux permissions or ownership per se. You can't successfully change ownership with the Linux command chown and you can't successfully change permissions with the Linux command chmod. Ownership and permissions are set only in the mount command.

    The permissions and ownership properties that are available for NTFS under Linux are not written into the individual files to be retained when the filesystem is unmounted or the computer is turned off. Permissions and ownership obtained under Linux are temporary artifices imposed via the mount command and maintained temporarily by the operating system. They are transient properties that last only until the NTFS partition is unmounted.

    Here's how you can change the temporarily-assigned permissions of your mounted NTFS partition: Mounting NTFS partitions permanently (with a line in fstab)
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