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Thread: 12.1 Ghostscript and font rendering problem (FreeType?)

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    Default 12.1 Ghostscript and font rendering problem (FreeType?)

    In moving from 11.3 to 12.1, I have run into a problem using the ps2pdf tool:

    GPL Ghostscript 9.00: Error: Font Renderer Plugin ( FreeType ) return code = -1

    and the output looks like the font is not what I expect.

    Any advice about how to get the old font functionality?



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    Default Re: 12.1 Ghostscript and font rendering problem (FreeType?)

    There was lots of confusion among programmers on this issue. Some blame Freetype font library. Some blame ghostscript. (

    Here is the solution, at least for opensuse 12.1 64 bit version.

    Add the following repository:

    Index of /factory/repo/oss

    Start Yast, go to Software Management. Search for packages containing "ghostscript".

    Update them all.

    Perhaps it will be safe to disable this repository after update.

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