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Thread: Looking for VHDL simulator

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    Default Looking for VHDL simulator

    Hi again. Hope it's the right section to post, since I'm looking for an app...

    I was reading about the gEDA project, which seems to be a very robust circuit design suit (and hopefully one of the best for Linux...), and noticed it has a down-point: it has no VHDL simulator, though it has a Verilog one.

    Do you know about a good known VHDL simulator/programmer for Linux? Or are there just several of them that I can choose?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Looking for VHDL simulator

    You could use Alliance VLSI CAD. I think there is a built-in VHDL compiler and simulator in the package.

    Not sure if there is a built .rpm distribution, you might have to compile it yourself

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