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Thread: Unknown job in KDE

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    Default Unknown job in KDE

    Hello guys,
    I have a empty job always appearing and I have no idea where this comes from.
    (see this screenshot: )
    Does anyone know how I find out where this job comes from?

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Unknown job in KDE

    This is generally some maintenance or mounting of a device going on. If you look at your own screenshot you see at the bottom a simbol "1". If you click on it it will tell you, it refers to the job going on.
    There is a lot of hysteria in circulation and FUD about "linux and malware" around. If you have a patched system, do not run against common sense and follow the advices of the fine openSUSE security guide, then it is currently still virtually impossible to have a problem.
    BTW. the job tells you also graphically that this is probably "package kit" from "apper" that is updating the repos. And the progression is shown as bar. But this is a supposition.
    Just "clicking away" security warnings about a change in repo signature ? Not able to control?
    Then please vote for
    openSUSE should have an efficient web of trust.

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    Default Re: Unknown job in KDE

    Yeah you were right, it was Packagekit's fault, so I removed it (I don't want it anyway)

    King regards,

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