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Thread: Weird stuff with Java and Sun JDK 7

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    Default Weird stuff with Java and Sun JDK 7

    Hi, I'm a Java developer and new (almost 100% satisfied) OpenSuse user.

    I'm using the latest version of Eclipse Indigo (Indigo Service Release 2) and the latest Sun JDK 7 (u3). Everything works perfectly except when I try to run my java projects : it takes more than one minute to launch the app when I takes only 3 seconds to launch to same apps on Windows under the same conditions (same Eclipse IDE and JDK).

    I didn't post this thread in the Programming forum because it doesn't seem to be an Eclipse specific issue. First of all, because it happens when I try to run other applications like JDownloader with openJDK 6 or Sun JDK 7. Secondly, if I do a use update-alternatives --config java to set the default JVM to Sun JDK 7 and then try to run my .jar with the console, I have the same problem.

    It is very weird issue : all the java applications (my apps and third party applications) seems to freeze two times during 30 seconds in a specific section or the code. They seem to be all related to the interface. For instance, setting the look and feel, setting the font of a tabbed pane or selecting and index in a comboBox. BUT, if you deactivate the section of the code that seems to slow the apps, it will freeze again 30 seconds in another part of a code !!! You can do that several times but it will always take 60 seconds to launch the program !!!

    I really drives me crazy . As I said, these apps run perfectly well on Windows under the same conditions (IDE, JDK). I'm starting to think that I'm doomed to use Windows as dual-boot during all my life just because of trivial problems.

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    Disclaimer: You're undoubtedly better at Java than I am, so if I ask
    something stupid please forgive me.

    Have you tried a 'Hello World' Java app, something that is just using
    System.out.println() essentially? Maybe then a GUI/X11 version of the
    same? Java has a reputation for performance issues, but Java gurus I've
    talked to say most of the real performance hits (though nothing like
    you're seeing) are related to the graphical parts of applications and
    that the base Java pieces are fast, which meshes well with my
    experience. While what you're describing (thirty-second delays) should
    never happen, I wonder how hard it would be for you to work from
    something that goes quickly ('Hello World' at the command line should be
    pretty quick) to adding pieces that eventually simulate the problem.

    As another option, is there a JAR you can post somewhere for others to
    try? Which version/architecture of OpenSUSE? FWIW, I've installed
    JDownloader (just now) on my OpenSUSE 12.1 x86_64 system which still has
    the OpenJDK as the default Java; load time (after install and initial
    setup) is around six seconds.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Weird stuff with Java and Sun JDK 7

    Where did you get the Sun-Java packages from?
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    Default Re: Weird stuff with Java and Sun JDK 7

    I'm working with an OpenSuse 12.1 x86_64, installed a few days ago and updated without problem with zypper. Everything seems to work fine. I got the JDK 7 package directly from Oracle official page as I didn't find any specific package for openSuse in the repositories (official and packman). Not even in this one : Index of /repositories/Java:/packages/openSUSE_12.1

    If I make a program with a simple Hello World, it runs instantly. In fact, my program runs at a normal speed. The problem is it just freeze 30secs on some trivials command lines that perfectly works under the same conditions on Windows. For example :
    - UIManager.setLookAndFeel( choosing a look and feel here)
    - tabbedPane.setForegroundAt(0,new Color(85,17,79)); choosing a color for the first element of a tabbedPane
    - textFieldREF = new JTextField("0.0000");
    - dayOAC.setSelectedIndex(some index); setting a selected index for a comboBox

    I deactivated these command lines, but the program always freeze somewhere else. The odd thing is that no matter what I do it will always freeze 60sec. I have never seen that in my life.

    About JDownloader. First, I thought it was also freezing on some kind of interface related issue. But now I can't be really sure of it:

    10 09/04/12 15:06:29 - FINER [jd.JDClassLoader(<init>)] -> Look and Feel JAR loaded: /home/laptop/bin/JDownloader/libs/laf/syntheticaSimple2D.jar
    freeze one minute here
    10 09/04/12 15:07:35 - FINER [jd.config.DatabaseConnector(<init>)] -> Loading database

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