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Thread: Apache Jmeter not launching Opensuse 12.1

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    Default Apache Jmeter not launching Opensuse 12.1


    I downloaded the Apache Jmeter file from their website and unzipped it. Now according to the instructions on the jmeter webpage, I just need to click on the "jmeter" file for it to open.

    But when I do this, I am prompted to install some missing applications and if I cancel it, then it opens as a text file(which is not the way it is supposed to be).

    Can anyone help me out.


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    Default Re: Apache Jmeter not launching Opensuse 12.1

    Hi Prad,

    As it says, you have to install/have java 1.5 or above. Check the other dependencies required. I have it running with out any issues on 12.1.

    I guess you wana load test some server or machine. Might recommend some commend line CURL,
    Server Monitoring

    Also look into httperf, might be helpful.
    httperf - The httperf HTTP load generator - Google Project Hosting

    Good luck!
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