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Thread: Suse 12.1 Help using Disk Utility

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    Default Suse 12.1 Help using Disk Utility

    I'm using Suse12.1 64bit with Gnome Desktop.
    I am trying to use a portable hard disk (USB) that was used on an Apple Mac using the Disk Utility.
    The device mounts okay but is Read Only.
    I am now trying to format or set the device for write/read usage.

    Disk Utility won't let me Format the drive - says the drive is busy whatever I try.

    I managed to Edit Partition and set up an EFI System Partition with a Type Linux Basic Data Partition.
    This EFI partition is only 210 Mb in size (it didn't give me an option to set a size. But I can use this EFI device as a data work space.
    Now I can't delete this partition.
    Help. Is there a user manual anywhere for Disk Utility.

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    Default Re: Suse 12.1 Help using Disk Utility

    Sorry, I might look a bit dumb, but what Disk Utility?
    We normaly repartition, create file systems and organise mounting here using YaST > System > Partitioning.
    There are also tools like Gparted.
    And on the low level you can use fdisk, mkfs and edit /etc/fstab.
    As you say I know about a few ways to do these things, but the general term Disk Utility does not trigger anything for me.
    Henk van Velden

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    I would have booted from the openSUSE live CD/DVD, and used the Disk Utility there.

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