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Thread: MonoDevelop Add-ins Gnome.Platform 2.8.6

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    Exclamation MonoDevelop Add-ins Gnome.Platform 2.8.6

    Hello all,

    I just installed monodevelop from the mono repositories. When i click to start the program i get this error:

    I use openSUSE 12.1 x64 KDE4.8.1 from the upstream repositories.

    Anyone solved this problem?

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    Default Re: MonoDevelop Add-ins Gnome.Platform 2.8.6

    I haven't looked at MonoDevelop for a couple years now,
    I wasn't happy then that it was so buggy, there wasn't an integrated debugger and they were missing all their roadmap milestones.

    On the face of it, your error looks like a fundamental coding dotNET coding error (yes, I'm guessing without putting any real effort into looking at the error more closely), I don't think it's the type of error that can be resolved by an End User. Also, unless there was error in compilation, this type of error isn't normally distro-specific.

    Recommend you take a look at the history of the current version (ie How old is it? Has there been any recent updates? Has this been reported in a Bugzilla?).

    Good Luck,

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    Default Re: MonoDevelop Add-ins Gnome.Platform 2.8.6

    Late reply I know, but may be useful for others: You need to install package libgnomeui (reference: This fixed the issue for me on opensuse 13.1, KDE, mono develop 5.0.1.
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