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Thread: installing aol

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    Default installing aol

    hello all

    anyone using aol desktop on opensuse 12? whether you be successful?
    i already try to install, but still fails

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    Default Re: installing aol

    Hello allissa,

    "Installing" is a general english word that means a lot. Even in CIT, yes even in openSUSE, it is only a very vague description of "putting something on the computer". There are several ways of installing. Thus please explain how you tried to install it. Also saying: "but still fails"
    is definitely not enought to let people understand what you experienced. Do not forget we are not at your desk, can not see what you see (error messages e.g.) and you have to explain it all to us.

    Please help us to help you.
    Henk van Velden

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    Default Re: installing aol

    I know Art of Illusion was made available in the past through the Packman repos, don't find it there, nor can I find it in the openSUSE repos. So, wondering how you installed it, like Henk.

    One of the issues you may meet is, that AOI relies heavy on the Java Runtime Environment. You may need Oracle's version of it instead of the openJDK that comes with openSUSE.

    And..... if you're just interested in 3D and don't rely on AOI, why not use Blender, it's much more advanced, offers most, if not all, options AOI offers and much more.
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