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Thread: Files Do Not Save

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    Default Files Do Not Save

    Saving a file goes into limbo - not found in the folder although shown in the right folder initially. Sometimes a reboot is required or merely to change to another task. Have not found any mention on the forum.

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    Sorry, but spring is here (I know you have fall now) and all our crystal balls are in spring maintenance Thus it is you that should provide enough information to let mere people be able to understand your situation. Minimal things you should mention:

    . what level of openSUSE re you using?

    . are you using a desktop environment and when yes, which one?

    . can you describe more extensive and precise what you are doing, running what, doing what (clicking or so) and when it is in a terminal please post that text.

    . anything else that you guess vaguely it might be of interest?
    Henk van Velden

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