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Thread: Problem installing WebYast and LAMP (OpenSUSE 12.1)

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    Unhappy Problem installing WebYast and LAMP (OpenSUSE 12.1)

    I have just installed OpenSUSE 12.1 with the KDE desktop and I want to get WebYast working so I can remote admin this box using a GUI. But the installer keeps failing.

    This is my first Linus install, so excuse any apparent ignorance.

    When I try to install WebYast from the Yast installer, it goes through its installation routine and then says "unable to install webyast-registration" and the installer fails.

    Is there another GUI remote admin interface I could try?

    Also, I have installed LAMP on the box to run a web server, but I can't see how to run or administer it. There don't seem to be any icons related to LAMP or its components.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Default Re: Problem installing WebYast and LAMP (OpenSUSE 12.1)

    In the other thread someone already posted a link, but here is some info:

    - After installing the LAMP pattern, restart Yast. In Networkservices you will now see a new item: HTTP-server. Configure it
    - For Drupal and Wordpress you'll need mysql databases. I suggest you install phpMyAdmin to administer these, but first
    - Yast - System - Runlevel editor: set mysql to start
    - open a terminal window and do:
    mysqladmin -u root -p "YOURMYSQLROOTPASSWORD"
    NB. This is not your root user's password. It's an admin password for mysql.

    But, like writen in the other thread, please consider renting a cloud VPS.
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