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Thread: How to set dmask and access permissions on USB Disks mounted by Thunar?

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    Post How to set dmask and access permissions on USB Disks mounted by Thunar?

    I have OpenSuse 12.1, xfdm, I am trying to set up an automatic mounts of USB HDDs on XFDM and Thunar. As the goal, I'd like to share /mounts through Samba server.

    I cannot find in SuSe 12.1 how to set the access permissions to mounted disks if they are mounted by Thunar. I use "Mount Volume" in Thunar, it asks for root password and maps the drives by drive IDs in /media directory. However, it shows different behavior with two disks.

    I have two HDDs: one was originally formatted on Linux and has ext3 filesystem, the second one has FAT32 filesystem. When I map them, the first one maps as "root" and has all user/group read/write permissions (probably inherited from the past), but FAT32 is mounted as current user, has FAT32 drive ID as a name and thus does not have access permissions necessary to share the drive on the network.

    I checked manually the udisks: I can mount it correctly if I issue a following:

    # udisks --mount /dev/sdd1 --mount-options "rw, dmask = 000"
    - this allows to nicely share the drive on Samba.

    I want to get similar effect from Thunar. However, there is no user interface in Thunar to change the mask when it maps the drives.

    Besides, it is very inconvenient when the drives are mapped by their cryptic ID strings, but not by their volume label. But I also cannot find how it can be changed in user interface or with any other method.

    I cannot find where the scripts executed by Thunar controlling UDisks are located. I tried to modify the /etc/udev/rules.d/..., to add a rule for automount as described here (, but there is no effect when the new rule is added.

    Any help to configure the automount in such a way that the user, permissions and dmask could be configurable will really help!

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    Default Re: How to set dmask and access permissions on USB Disks mounted by Thunar?

    I stopped reading where you tell your amazement with the fact that the ext4 filesystem has normal owner/group and access bits and the FAT32 hasn't. That is life. Non native Linux file systems like FAT, NTFS do not have users/groups and access bits. What you see wen they are mounted in a Linux system are fakes. These fakes are created depending on the mount parameters. And those are dependent on the tool used. When they are mounted for a desktop end-user, they are normaly "made" owned by the user. You can prevent (but I talk from KDE experience) a disk from being mounted using the desktop by putting an entry in /etc/fstab and using that. You can then use parameters there at your whish (like we allways advise defaults for NTFS).

    This to expiian what you see. I do not know much about the SAMBA part of your question, not allowing Windows on my premisses
    Henk van Velden

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