Hi again.

I was about to update my system using the Yast manual method: applying switch to installed repos, leaving Packman the last, and at the very last updating packages in @System repo. But when applying switch to Packman a message popped out saying:

A problem has been encountered with installed package portaudio-19-273.1.3.x86_64
-uninstall portaudio-19-273.1.3.x86_64
-keep old portaudio-19-273.1.3.x86_64

Until now I've only used Packman to install the multimedia stuff from mr. Caf's guide and aMSN. I also installed Goldendict but not by using Yast, but downloading the RPM file from the Education repo and running it. It downloaded some additional stuff I don't remember before installing, and I don't know whether it had negative effect on Packman packages.

What's that portaudio problem? Did I did something wrong according to what I have installed?
Thanks for your help.