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You should of course search for the root cause why that happens to you
to avoid this problem in the future (maybe a problem with your graphics
card/driver or similar).

PC: oS 11.4 x86_64 | Intel Core i7-2600@3.40GHz | 16GB | KDE 4.6.0 |
GeForce GT 420
Eee PC 1201n: oS 12.1 x86_64 | Intel Atom 330@1.60GHz | 3GB | KDE 4.8.0
| nVidia ION
eCAFE 800: oS 12.1 i586 | AMD Geode LX 800@500MHz | 512MB | KDE 3.5.10 |

This is true.. My problem is that I do not know how this happens... I am quite sure though that there might be something with kwin and multiple sessions.
After I restarted my computer (not only kde) kde restored my previous sessions. Then I tried to see a website (that was already open in firefox), so as I was typing the address the firefox saw that this website is already open and suggested me to get focus of it which I accepted.

As this tab was opened yesterday after issuing kwin --replace all the windows disappeared and my yesterday's firefox appeared again. I killed it then my normal session appeared... How I can track what is causing this mess?

I would like to thank you in advance fo your help