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Thread: gmakemake > Makefile not wokring

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    Default gmakemake > Makefile not wokring

    Hi all-

    I'm a newbie, and am currently trying to create a makefile using this command:

    gmakemake > Makefile

    make: *** No rule to make target `command', needed by `gmakemake'. Stop.

    Then after looking into the Makefile, the only thing in there is:

    "gmakemake: command not found"

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    In the directory is a os1shell.cpp file.


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    Default Re: gmakemake > Makefile not wokring

    Not sure what guide you follow, but as you noticed the command gmakemake
    does not exist on your system (I did not even know that tool).
    Seems to be that or
    As far as I can see it is not available for openSUSE you need to compile
    it from source from one of the links above if you need it.
    Of course there are other make file generators available on openSUSE
    like cmake and the GNU auto tool chain.

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    Default Re: gmakemake > Makefile not wokring

    Hello and welcome here.

    First a technical issue. We like computer output you post here between CODE tags for several reasons. This feature is a bit hidden in the forums software, that is why we have a howto here:

    Second is that we are not clairvoyant and nobody here can guess what you have/do/expierience there, thus please be as elaborate and specific as you can. E.g. a thing that is missing here is which level of openSUSE you are using.

    Also try allways to illustrate your tory with facts. E.g. you do not only say "In the directory is a os1shell.cpp file". but post the output of
    ls -l os1shell.cpp
    (This even could lead to making your story telling shorter because the facts are allready there.)

    Then back to your problem. I am not that fluent in what you try to do, but as it is about developing, did you install the Basic Development Pattern (YaST > Software > Software Management and then Patterns from the View menu)?
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