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Thread: Amarok and Home Network NAS

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    Default Amarok and Home Network NAS

    Greetings everybody!

    I've run into a glitch with Amarok and my home network. All of my MP3's are stored on a network assigned storage device.
    The problem? Amarok absolutely refuses to play any of the mp3's. If I copy a mp3 to a local drive, it plays fine. I can access
    the mp3's on the NAS, but that's where it ends. Amarok will not allow me to append to play list. I can drag and drop mp3 music,
    but it will not play. I can access the mp3's on the NAS through Amarok, without issue.

    I have four computers and the idea is to allow access to music from any of the four computers.

    Suse > 11.4

    Amarok > 2.4.0

    All are current

    Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause and a possible cure?


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    Default Re: Amarok and Home Network NAS

    How do you connect the NAS to your ystem? Using NFS?
    Henk van Velden

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