I have a weird problem - one quite contrary to most of the threads regarding networkmanager and Gnome keyring which are all "Gnome keyring asks me to unlock everytime I login... its annoying"

I want this behaviour, but can't figure out how to get it! All the wireless connections I make are in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections and unencrypted. I don't mind this for my personal wifi networks, there isn't much at stake there, however I have a few WPA Enterprise connections for which it really does matter because my username and password for those places (which is the same for emails, online portal, etc.) are saved in plain text.

How can I tell NetworkManager to make use of the gnome keyring?

I have tried un-ticking the "Available to all users" box, but that doesn't work. Gnome keyring does seem to be working, because it is used for my Gnome "Online Accounts".

Thanks for any help,