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Thread: Warning: Image-saver broken on Firefox 10

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    Angry Warning: Image-saver broken on Firefox 10

    Anyone about to upgrade Fx to 10 might wish to hold off if --- and only if --- they save a lot of images. I'm using 0penSUSE 12.1 & KDE 4.8, both of which are the best iterations yet ( both of themselves and of their fields ), so no problems there; and I use the best browser created, Firefox --- the only real trouble with the latter being that it is so good that it's pretty awful one can only run one instance at a time: for memory reasons I would prefer to run two, one for ordinary browsing which I could close in a session so as to use the other with it's own session for images. None of the other browsers come close, so dedicating one to image-browsing would be inferior ( although SeaMonkey is the best of the rest ). The upgrade to KDE 4.8 seems to have solved most Kmozillahelper ( the saver itself ) problems.

    So, yesterday I upgraded to Fx 10, an hour later I downgraded. The reason being that the image-saver has --- probably purposely --- lost important functionality: it no longer remembers resize settings, which means when next used it is back to it's tiny self; and the Options toolbox ( the top spanner in this image of the saver from Firefox 9 ) is gone. Since I save quite a few images into a lot of directories, this is a killer. This is not an OpenSUSE problem, I mention it here since it is an OpenSUSE update and I rely on this distro for everything; yet there would be little point in complaining to Mozilla: devs everywhere now consider users/complainers as obstructionists who need to shut up, as well as needing less functionality since the devs can make all the right choices ( witness WordPress's infamous 'Decisions, Not Options' mantra ).

    Therefore yet another application that has to be kept in an old, outdated insecure version since it has capabilities later versions are stripped of...
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