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Thread: OpenJDK and OracleJDK

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    Default OpenJDK and OracleJDK

    Hello good day!

    I do have a question

    Is openjdk a full impletation of sun-java-jdk? I'm a junior java programmer. Can I run into some issues using openjdk like incompatibility with sun-java-jdk? Mostly I develop desktop applications(used mostly in win)

    So are there any drawbacks of using openjdk?

    Thank you in advance

    Long Live Linux and OpenSUSE

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    Default Re: OpenJDK and OracleJDK

    I think Martin already tried to answer this question for you

    So are there any drawbacks of using openjdk?
    From a programming perspective, I wouldn't have thought so. I'm using OpenJDK (as a regular user) without any issues, but there may be specific apps that do not adhere to the standards.

    Have a read of this too:

    [opensuse-java] Focusing on OpenJDK - Sun/Oracle JDK will not be in 12.1

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    Default Re: OpenJDK and OracleJDK

    I had to refresh my info on this not long ago.
    The references by deano are opinions based on events in 2008... which IMO is quite awhile ago.

    It might be a bit confusing, but Java 7 is supposed to be when both proprietary and "open" efforts are supposed to converge. Because that announcement was made when v5 and v6 were "current" it provided an objective for both efforts.

    Today, we're still not quite there yet, "current" is still 6 (ie openJDK 1.6), but from what I've read the efforts are <very> close... the proprietary Sun/Oracle and the "open" openJDK are supposed to be 99% compatible from a utility standpoint, the remaining 1% is supposed to be mostly related to the method of compiling (which is one of the reasons why Sun/Oracle couldn't be made public immediately).

    So, currently it's <believed> that there should not be any usability differences at all, but no one is going to guarantee it...


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    Default Re: OpenJDK and OracleJDK

    I am myself a developer in my job, the last years almost 99% Java
    development (a decade ago mainly C++, times change rapidly). I use both
    the Sun/Oracle version and the OpenJDK for the same programs to compile
    them and run them (and also compile on one and run on the other), I
    switched from my previous way using the proprietary version for
    development and the OpenJDK only as a proof of concept for compiling the
    programs and running them to the exactly opposite way last year after a
    lot of testing.
    I speak here about different software packages developed in the company
    I work for with an order of magnitude of ranging from 100,000 to 1
    million lines of code (not counting the third party code in libraries we
    do not develop) and also a lot of small Java tools (several 100 LoC to
    several 1000 LoC).

    While I noticed with early versions of the OpenJDK 1.6 some
    incompatibilities I simply cannot see them any more since about a year
    or somewhat longer.

    Maybe others in other fields using different Java technologies and
    libraries can still find one or the other incompatibility, I do not. So
    let me recommend to start with the OpenJDK.

    Just my 2ct.

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