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Thread: How to start PostGreSQL server in 12.1

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    Default How to start PostGreSQL server in 12.1

    I am having problem to start the PostGreSQL server in OpenSuse 12.1.
    My YAST->Software Management shows that both PostGreSQL client and server have been successfully installed.
    When I follow instructions from THIS BLOG, I get error..
    I also checked the user manual from PostGreSQL, but their steps doesn't mention anything how to start the server.

    My questios:
    1. I assume, PostGreSQL server should start at the boot up in OpenSuse 12.1
    2. If it doesn't, how to configure so that PostGreSQL server starts at boot up
    3. Is there any easy to follow refernce manual on PostGreSQL for using in OpenSuse

    Thanks in advance for your time and reply.

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    Default Re: How to start PostGreSQL server in 12.1

    I do not have PostGresSQL, but compairing with similar subject, I would look in YaST > System > System services (runlevel) to see if it is there in the list (and of course switch it on there if it is there).
    Henk van Velden

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