Few things that are driving me friggin nuts and in about a day if I can't get them sorted will be the cause of my abandonment of this ridiculous OS.

1. Is it really that difficult to figure out how a window should "maximize" and "Minimize"... I consistantly end up with "floating" windows... not that I have any clue what a floating window is... but searching the "opensuse" release notes or google simply tells me that they exist... and checking the button, which seams to happen on its own every other application switch causes the window to blow up full screen or to be linked to another app or lord knows what... but it drives me flippin nuts to have to right click, uncheck floating window.. then maximize, minimize maximize, resize and hope it works EVERY TIME this happens.

2. You can't change the clock without crashing your OS... really? come on! I realize there are bugs and such within any OS but thats just outrageous.

3. Video pluggins and such.... I like vlc, its small, its free... and normally it just works... but not here, you have to "compile it" with the right add-ins, I am pretty sure that anywhere else you could simply install the default one and it would work... especially given the fact that I already have the 3rd party "non-free" repos installed and can play videos from other apps with no problem at all.

4. Flash... I realize this is a problem all across linux, so its not really a gripe specific to Opensuse, but to have my OS overheat and shut down because of an application.... excellent work guys; my i5 can now provide 2nd degree burns if you watch 2 much youtube.... and of course the answer is the same, its not our fault, talk to adobe.... flash sucks, I get that; but at least pretend to care rather than skirting the issue and pointing at someone else.

5. hotkeys... I appreciate that you can customize almost anything in KDE... and that KDE is not arguably Opensuse, but a desktop interface... but its the one you chose by default... if your going to provide "virtual desktops" allow for people to use hotkeys to switch between them...

Thats all I have... sorry for the rant, just frustrated on a monday.