I was Unix user (OS Admin) starting in 1973 on a PDP11 - then onto Interdata 7/32 and 8/32 - I had to write my own disk and printer services and got good at writing drivers for early Unix machines - also wrote a few panic fixes - Unix had 100's of "Panic" entries where the OS did not know how to recover - most were fixes in the 1980's. I did Unix Support for NCR, AT&T and HP until I was forced into retirement.

When Mandrake Linux came out in 1990 - I had a dedicated 386 PC for Linux. Over time I switched to Red Hat - Fedora - Centos. I supported a major retailer and they went with SLES 11 to replace AIX and HPUX and they are still on SLES 11. I switched from Centos 7 to OpenSUSE 4 years ago. I have since stopped looking at other flavors of Linux that are not based on SLES.

For ease of installing for Windows 10 users that are fed up with Windows - I backup all their user and email to USB drive and reparation and install Gecko Linux MATE as it is OpenSUSE 15.0 that is only a few patches behind and it has 95% of what most windows users need - the hard part is getting the printers and scanners working in Linux and I install Teamviewer and show the user how to start it so that I can remotely fix or tutor then in doing in in Linux. Funny how Windows users like MATE desktop as it looks a lot like Windows XP and not the crazy move the mouse to the edge to get something to show up.