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Thread: How Long Have You Been Using Linux?

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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Using Linux?

    I was Unix user (OS Admin) starting in 1973 on a PDP11 - then onto Interdata 7/32 and 8/32 - I had to write my own disk and printer services and got good at writing drivers for early Unix machines - also wrote a few panic fixes - Unix had 100's of "Panic" entries where the OS did not know how to recover - most were fixes in the 1980's. I did Unix Support for NCR, AT&T and HP until I was forced into retirement.

    When Mandrake Linux came out in 1990 - I had a dedicated 386 PC for Linux. Over time I switched to Red Hat - Fedora - Centos. I supported a major retailer and they went with SLES 11 to replace AIX and HPUX and they are still on SLES 11. I switched from Centos 7 to OpenSUSE 4 years ago. I have since stopped looking at other flavors of Linux that are not based on SLES.

    For ease of installing for Windows 10 users that are fed up with Windows - I backup all their user and email to USB drive and reparation and install Gecko Linux MATE as it is OpenSUSE 15.0 that is only a few patches behind and it has 95% of what most windows users need - the hard part is getting the printers and scanners working in Linux and I install Teamviewer and show the user how to start it so that I can remotely fix or tutor then in doing in in Linux. Funny how Windows users like MATE desktop as it looks a lot like Windows XP and not the crazy move the mouse to the edge to get something to show up.
    Opensuse 15.1 with VirtualBox VM's (Windows 98, XP, 7, 8.1, 10 & OpenSUSE 15.0)

    Unix since 1974 (pdp-11 in "B" , Interdata 7/32 in "C") (AT&T, Tandy, Convergent, IBM, NCR, HP flavors)
    Linux since 1995 (mandrake, redhat, fedora, centos, now OpenSUSE)

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    Default Re: How Long Have You Been Using Linux?

    I started with the first Slackware release (yeah I'm an old fart).

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