I'll start by saying I'm a linux noob, so please excuse my ignorance! I tried to install it from a DVD, and everything seemed ok until it said something along the lines of "changing to text-based installation, graphics card may not be supported" when it went in to the Configuration section of the install. I let it finish, and it came up with the command line so i rebooted. Up came the GRUB and I chose the Desktop option, but it got stuck on the OpenSUSE splash screen. So i rebooted, chose the Failsafe option this time and it froze at (something like):

booting /windows/C
[long number]HDMI Status: codec=0  pin=5  presence-detect=0  ELD_Valid=0
I'm dual-booting with 64-Bit Windows 7, my graphics card is an nVidia GeForce GTX460.

Any help is greatly appreciated!