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Thread: Bah, skanlite/aquireimages still busted in R4.8

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    Default Bah, skanlite/aquireimages still busted in R4.8

    Unfortunately the crashes on save bug in skanlite/aquireimages persists in R4.8. Was hoping that it would have been resolved. Oh well, good ol'(ugly)Sane still works fine.

    Bug Track:

    As an aside, someday I'm going to have to try to figure out why there are two KDE scanning apps that appear essentially the same (the handbooks aren't particularly clear on this AFAICT ).

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    Default Re: Bah, skanlite/aquireimages still busted in R4.8

    That bug report is only about the kipiplugin aquireimages (and Scangui which uses the plugin) not Skanlite

    If you are getting a similar crash with Skanlite, please report.

    Scangui is installed with the kipiplugins while Skanlite is a standalone application. Skanlite has the advantage of being able to do batch scans and automatic file names, but misses color profile in the saved images... Both uses libksane for accessing the scanner.

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    Default Re: Bah, skanlite/aquireimages still busted in R4.8

    Hello Kare Sars,

    Thanks for your overview description of the two.

    IIRC, the bug report filled for kipi/acurireimages/scangui (as well as the duplicate report: describes the exact behaviour that also occurs with the standalone skanlite. However, I will have to verify that again the next time I have some scanning to do (which should be in the nearby future). At which point I will provide you with a bug report.

    I see that you are also mentioned as an authour/dev. with the kipi-plugin/acquireimages/scangui. Given the gui is largely undifferentiated between the two apps, is it save to assume that you have provided the gui design?

    My quick thoughts (under the assumptions that the error generated with the two apps is the exact same, and that the similar gui for both apps is the result of shared code) is that, rather then there being a bug in the kipi-plugin per see, there is likely either:
    - a bug in the gui code that causes the crash behaviour on a save or
    - there is a bug in the (common between the two apps) KSane backend

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    Default Re: Bah, skanlite/aquireimages still busted in R4.8

    Skanlite has NEVER worked for me! So, I looked at this thread to see other people ranting. To verify the bug, in 4.8, I scanned a picture. It worked. One click on preview; one click on scan and I had an image to save.
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