Does anyone have a tutorial for Zint? I thought I saw something about Zint being able to read qrcode besides being able to generate it. I've got a few qrcode .png's and I was hoping that Zint could read them.
This version is just commandline.

These are the options (and I don't know how to use them)
Zint version 2.4.0
Encode input data in a barcode and save as a PNG, EPS or SVG file.

  -h, --help            Display this message.
  -t, --types           Display table of barcode types
  -i, --input=FILE      Read data from FILE.
  -o, --output=FILE     Write image to FILE. (default is out.png)
  -d, --data=DATA       Barcode content.
  -b, --barcode=NUMBER  Number of barcode type (default is 20 (=Code128)).
  --height=NUMBER       Height of symbol in multiples of x-dimension.
  -w, --whitesp=NUMBER  Width of whitespace in multiples of x-dimension.
  --border=NUMBER       Width of border in multiples of x-dimension.
  --box                 Add a box.
  --bind                Add boundary bars.
  -r, --reverse         Reverse colours (white on black).
  --fg=COLOUR           Specify a foreground colour.
  --bg=COLOUR           Specify a background colour.
  --scale=NUMBER        Adjust size of output image.
  --directpng           Send PNG output to stdout
  --directeps           Send EPS output to stdout
  --directsvg           Send SVG output to stdout
  --dump                Dump binary data to stdout
  --rotate=NUMBER       Rotate symbol (PNG output only).
  --cols=NUMBER         (PDF417) Number of columns.
  --vers=NUMBER         (QR Code) Version
  --secure=NUMBER       (PDF417 and QR Code) Error correction level.
  --primary=STRING      (Maxicode and Composite) Structured primary message.
  --mode=NUMBER         (Maxicode and Composite) Set encoding mode.
  --gs1                 Treat input as GS1 data
  --binary              Treat input as Binary data
  --notext              Remove human readable text
  --square              Force Data Matrix symbols to be square
This what I tried:
zint -i comeseeJunebugartfestthisyear.png
but this is what I got:
error: error: Invalid character in input string (only Latin-1 characters supported)
I also tried it with the entire path but came up with the same results.

The pages that came up when I googled it were for the gui for Windows (I'm wishing that the Linux version had a gui too). That's no help.

How would you tell Zint to read the .png file?