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Thread: Amarok and Last.FM

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    Default Amarok and Last.FM

    The Last.FM plugin with Amarok in 12.1 (seemed to be the same in 11.4 as well), doesn't 'scrobble'. It gets similar artist data etc OK and shows the 'Love' button, but the played songs are uploaded (or aren't accepted). There's some stuff about using Kwallet or not, but I think that is out of date and doesn't make any difference anyway.

    Does it work for anyone else?

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    It didn't work for me either - and I haven't found a solution, apart from using another music player.

    Currently I use 'Tomahawk' - which scrobbles just fine.

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    Default Re: Amarok and Last.FM

    Seems there is still an issue with kwallet. I got scrobbling working using this tip: Amarok integration |

    • Open ~/.kde/share/config/amarokrc
    • Find the plugin section
    • Add the following:
    • username=<yourlastfmusername>
    • password=<yourlastfmpassword>
    • ignoreWallet=true

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    Default Re: Amarok and Last.FM

    It works OK for me by default, no need for any tweaking. Both the Packman version and the default OpenSusSE version of AmaroK works fine with scrobbling. Though, I do use the wallet.
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