On starting "pacpl" I am getting handsful of errors such as:
String found where operator expected at /usr/bin/pacpl line 1924, near "case 'FREQ'" (Do you need to predeclare case?)
FREQ and the line number changes, the basic error is always the same.

I used pacpl under Suse 11.4/Gnome and it always worked fine.

What has changed:
Suse 12.1/LXDE
pacpl as offered by Yast
( as this did not work, I switched back to older version and an installation compiled from source.
No weird messages during installation, no differences in the error message.)

My best guess is, something of PERL is missing/can not be found where it was installed.
At the first start I had this problem with Switch.pm which was well hidden for pacpl but could be corrected with an symbolic link.

I am not at all familiar with PERL. Could someone please advice me how to approach this issue?