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On 01/28/2012 11:03 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
>> openSUSE does not rotate in new versions just because they are available.

> That's entirely up to the repo maintainer. If it is an official repo, they
> are quite conservative. Other repos are not.

you are correct Carlos, what i meant to say was:

the oss and non-oss repos never change and openSUSE does not rotate new
versions of applications into the update repo just because a new version
was released somewhere..

and, new application don't spring up in Tumbleweed until after they have
been added to and satisfactorily tested in Factory..

however, openSUSE users are free to compile and install whatever they
want at anytime..

Read what Distro Watch writes: DistroWatch.com: openSUSE
I wasn't talking about -oss -non-oss repos, I was thinking about kde48 release repo, or extra, are they less conservative??? :-))