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On 01/27/2012 06:16 PM, pier andreit wrote:
> becouse I think is better to have the last well working version in
> repos

well....you idea of what should be in the repos and openSUSE's idea are
two different things, read this:

openSUSE:Maintenance policy - openSUSE

on the whole it says we fix bugs and security problem, we don't just run
in the latest version because it is available.....now, i think there are
other distros which pander to the
must-have-the-newest-of-everything.....but, that is not openSUSE..
but it also says
some cases it might be sensible to use the a new upstream version instead of applying a patch.
and I think it is the case
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if you need the newest more than you need bread and beer you need to
learn how to compile--or find a distro with a different version update
I don't need the newest, I need a working version, I subscribed the maintenance mailing list, may be I can better understand policy and how to ask to upgrade :-) many thanks :-))