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    Default need help here

    i have searched google and these forums on how to configure repositories and updates and i cant find anything.ive been using opensuse 12.1 kde for 2 days now and i cant figure it out.need a walkthrough on the repos and updates.
    heres what im trying to do:

    1)stay up to date with latest security packages
    2)run only kde desktop and install whatever missing packages kde has.
    3)have normal opensuse updates
    4)and whatever else important software i need such as bug fixes and stuff.

    thanks in advance cause i just messed up my system with installing all kinds of things that werent needed.dont know what i am doing so please bear with me

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    Default Re: need help here

    You can go through this guide at 1. Introduction - Beginner's Guide to openSUSE 12.1 / SUSE Linux
    particularly this page-
    11. Software Repositories - Adding and Managing Package Repositories

    1. For getting the latest security packages and important bug-fixes, you can run Yast > Online update.

    2. For getting packages related to KDE desktop, you can open up Yast > Software Management > View drop down menu, get Package Groups. This will get you a tab called Package Groups, in which you can find KDE desktop. Then you can install kde related packages, etc.

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    Default Re: need help here

    you asked that already! and i answered, in this thread:

    please do not double post problems.

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    And adding to DenverD's plea not to doublepost, I can add that thh title of this thread is a bad one. It does not describe your technical need at all. The title of your other threead is much better.

    Because this is a DOUBLE POST, I will CLOSE it. Please go to the other mentioned above.
    Henk van Velden

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    podagee wrote:
    > i have searched google and these forums

    Strange, I don't seem to get anything that would help in any way either.

    I put your subject "need help here" in Google's search field.

    Strange indeed...

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