I am unable to find Grsync for opensuse 12.1. In 11.4, this graphical front-end for rsync was available in the "Contrib" repository but that does not seem to be the case in 12.1. I tried to apply the instructions given in this link , which suggests to install the package compiled for 11.4. For surprisingly, it did not work... Worst, I now get an error message when I install updates with Apper, which I believe is linked to this unsuccessful install:
The package that is being modified was not found on your system or in any software origin.
Details: couldn't find package

So, I'd like to ask 2/3 questions:
- how can I check whether this error message is really linked to this "ghost" package? If it is, how can I get rid of it?
- where can I find grsync for 12.1?

I guess I can compile grsync from source, but I was never very successful with this process in the past...

Thank you in advance for you advises.