The "fallback" procedure only brings back 20% of the 90% productivity I've lost when I stupidly upgraded OS 11.4 to 12.1, getting that Gnome 3 instead of the fine working Gnome 2.X. They are lots of tricks spread around the web to try to get back a real WORKstation, but none is satisfactory.

I don't want KDE (I have dual boot with XP so have already the original), I just want my Gnome 2.X back.

Even Linus Torvalds says all the bad he thinks of Gnome 3
Linus Torvalds dubs GNOME 3 'unholy mess' • The Register

So is there any decent way to totally get that hipe-stuff away, and install a fine running Gnome 2.X instead on OpenSuse 12.1 ?

Even microsoft offered users to get back to XP when he launched his catastrophic Vista, so for once that MS shows a good example, why our developpers can't follow it?