Dear all,

I've recently installed OpenSuse 12.1 (KDE 4.7.2). I do use the Kontact application of KDE to read e-mail, store e-mail contacts and organize my calendar.

I would like to synchronize all the data kontact manages (mail, contacts, calendar, diary) between two computers (home and work).
It seems that in the current KDE version most of the data is stored in a database file of nepomuk (soprano-virtuoso.db). Mail is stored in ~/.local folder.

So, how can I synchronize this data in an easy way for daily use ? I usually use Unison to synchronize the rest of my data (Desktop and Development folders). But
how can I manage to do the same with the kontact data ? I assume that simply synchronizing the nepomuk and akonadi folders won't work (since they usually contain links to temporal files).

It does not bother me if other information (such as font size, desktop theme, ...) is also synchronized and if other solutions are available.

Thanks for your help,