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Thread: XRDP problem

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    Default XRDP problem

    I am using Open Suse 11.4.

    I have compiled and run xRDP from the source code. I am currently able to log into my remote machine using Remmina as a client, as root. It works fine. When I try to log in as a user, I get an error at the Sesman login. It tells me that the password failed error Problem connecting. When I check the xrdp_sesman.log, I get the following information:

    [20120109-15:33:01] [CORE ] X server running - user txxxx - pid 22183
    [20120109-15:33:01] [INFO ] starting xrdp-sessvc - xpid=22183 - wmpid=22184
    [20120109-15:33:01] [CORE ] using keyboard layout: 0x409 (us)
    [20120109-15:53:40] [INFO ] granted TS access to user txxxx
    [20120109-15:53:40] [INFO ] starting Xvnc session...
    [20120109-15:53:40] [WARN ] can't read vnc password file - /home/txxx/.vnc/sesman_txxxx_passwd

    I copied the sesman_root_passwd file from the.vnc directory at root to the .vnc directory for the user.

    Has anyone had any experience resolving this error?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: XRDP problem

    I changed the ownership of the .vnc directory and all files to the user. Once I did that I ran the vncpasswd command from the directory itself and created a new file.

    vncpasswd /home/$user$/.vnc/sesman_$user$_passwd

    Once that completed, I restarted the xrdp-sesman service and the xrdp service from /usr/sbin and behold I was able to log in from my Remmina client. However, do not log off of the session, just close down your client. I have found tht I can't log back in if I log out of the session from the server itself. If I want to log back in, I have to restart the xrdp-sesman service.

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