I've recently installed OpenSuse 12.1 (new installation). It's working mostly ok, except for the following: when using text editors or typing commands in a terminal, I am regularly losing text. With that I mean that output from the commands that I type on the command line is often only partly shown or not at all. Pressing enter again often reveals the hidden text. In editors similar things happen: text sometimes disappears/reappears when scrolling through the text or when adding new lines of text. I guess there most be something wrong in the communication with my graphics card, but I don't know how to trace+solve the problem. Anyone with some suggestion?
Before I was running OpenSuse 11.4 and had no such problems.
Thanks in advance.

Dell Precision 370
Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
Running KDE

Graphics (according to System Information)
Graphics Card ATI FireGL V3600
2D driver: Radeon
3D driver: Unknown Gallium (7.11)