I am having a very strange issue. I am new to OpenSuSE and loaded up 12.1 with the KDE desktop. Everything is working fine except for konqueror. It launches fine and on my main monitor I can use it with out any trouble. However moving it to my secondary monitor works fine unless I try to make it full screen. Then both monitors go black and the system hangs with no way out but to hard boot. Again it only occurs when I try to maximize the konqueror window. It seems odd this only occurs on the HP monitor not the ViewSonic.

This is the system specs.

Hp Pavilion Elite Intel I7 12 core
16 gigs ram
Nvidia GT 440 graphics card running the 290.10 driver from Nvidia

Monitor 0
ViewSonic A70f crt 1280 x 1024

Monitor 1
HP 2310e flat screen 1920 x 1080

Nvidia is set for twinview with the HP set to primary