I've been reading about the "setguid" option on directories. Is this a good way to guarantee that anything written to folder will have the same group as the parent directory?

What's happening is, we have a SFTP server that dozens of clients use to upload files to our radio stations. Each logs in with his/her own username and they insert the files in their home directories. At present, I just have everyone in the "users" group. I'd like to be able to refine that a bit, even to the point of having different groups on subdirectories. The setguid bit on the directory seems to be the answer, but two questions:

1. Will this work? A Web search shows that a lot of people have had trouble with setguid, especially with SSH/SFTP.

2. Is there another approach that doesn't take a lot of time, expense and energy? Ideally,

- each user could upload his/her files ...
- at each station, a couple of employees extract those audio files, but they do need to delete them, if need be. Thus, they'll need write permission for these dozens of folders.

I AIN'T gonna give these employees root access.