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Thread: Problem installing apps

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    Default Problem installing apps

    I am a newbie to Linux so please forgive any confusion. My Windows experience goes back to Windows NT and my Linux experience goes back to 5 hours ago when I installed openSUSE 12.1.

    My first task was to get my AMD graphics working, I did this with the nomodeset command (no 3D acceleration) but that has so far been the limit of my success. When trying to install the latest graphic driver to get 3D acceleration the installer hangs when it gets to "Licence Agreement Required" and the message displayed is "Waiting for service to start" the problem is the service never starts and the CPU sits there on 100%. I put this down to an issue with the driver because there are loads of posts on problems with the graphics under 12.1 and so moved on to explorer other areas.

    I decide to install Google Chrome, there is nothing like installing something you know to make you feel a bit more at home, but this does exactly the same and hangs the installer at "Licence Agreement Required". I have no idea where the log files are but clearly I have broken something quite badly, any guidance would be gratefully received.

    Thanks All

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    Sorry I forgot to put that I installed the KDE version as opposed to Gnome. Not that I know the difference yet :-) and it is the 32 bit version.

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    Default Re: Problem installing apps

    I decide to install Google Chrome,
    But you didnt say what you did.
    Use YaST >> Software >>Software Repositories to add the repository

    Then YaST >> Software >>Software Management to install google-chrome

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    Default Re: Problem installing apps

    Sorry I will expand.

    I went to Google Chrome - Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac and Linux and clicked on Install Chrome.
    From the pop up I selected 32bit for openSUSE
    I then selected open the file "google-chrome-stable_current)i386.rpm" with Apper (default).
    Next I select continue to install
    It asks for the root password, which I enter
    Finally it hangs on the Licence Agreement section.

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    Default Re: Problem installing apps

    markandcath wrote:
    > Sorry I will expand.

    Welcome. You're not doing badly in your first attempt at communicating
    here and at using Linux, so don't worry yet!

    > I went to 'Google Chrome - Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac and
    > Linux' ( and clicked on Install Chrome.

    In general for Linux, you are better off getting applications from the
    'repositories' of whichever 'distribution' you are using, rather than
    installing directly from the 'upstream' sources. In this case, you're
    using the opensuse distribution, and the way to access its repositories
    is through the YaST program. Which is all a long-winded way of saying -
    do what eng-int suggested rather than going to Google's upstream source.

    The reason is that this gives the best chance that any installation
    problems will have already been fixed in the repository, and that
    somebody on the forum will have already encountered any problems that
    remain and found a workaround. (It doesn't always work like this and
    there are some things that are better installed direct, but generally -
    find the appropriate repository and use it)

    Cheers, Dave

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    Default Re: Problem installing apps

    Packagekit (including apper) is mostly broken, and best uninstalled. YaST is better for adding, removing, and updating software.

    If you use the installation method I suggested, you will also fin updating easier. I find the beta version the best compromise between features, security fixes, and stability.

    I think that you were seeing the licence displayed with the paging program less. You need to type "q" to quit less and then "y" to accept. If you use YaST life is simpler.

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    Default Re: Problem installing apps

    On 01/03/2012 10:26 AM, markandcath wrote:
    > I went to 'Google Chrome - Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac and
    > Linux' ( and clicked on Install Chrome.

    that is the so-last-century-way of the more famous desktop operating
    system and game machine maker..

    here, we prefer to fetch our code from a place more likely to work, and
    to be clean..

    we call them repositories (aka: repos)...they are talked about here:

    which is just one post in just one thread in a wildly helpful forum
    named "How To/FAQ Forums" <>

    note: me offering that here should NOT be read to mean "RTFM and stop
    asking questions!" not even close: PLEASE ask questions _before_ your
    murder your system (note: lots of stuff you learned to do in other
    operating systems just will not work here, and may lead to the death of
    your system....really. and, unfortunately the more you know/understand
    about the other the more likely you are [IMHO] to believe your
    experience will carry you through and you don't really need to read any
    of those manuals, documentation, etc...or ask any questions until it
    won't boot.)

    -=WELCOME=- new poster!

    oh, and let me close by noting that there are no administrative duties
    here which require you to log into KDE (gnome, or the others) as root, is, however a good way to shoot yourself (and your system) in
    the foot.

    openSUSE®, the "German Engineered Automobiles" of operating systems!

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    Default Re: Problem installing apps

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Repos added and Chrome now installed.

    I will stay away from login as Root and I will browse the How To/FAQ section this evening after work. Thanks again ...

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