hi all

I am new to opensuse or anyother similar os. have been using windows til now. am looking for any reminder software out there which can be edited very easily. For example v have gminder for windows GMinder - Desktop Reminder for Google Calendar - Reflective Code . I dont really need it to sync with my gmail but the other features are very cool. you can edit the taskname, time, day or date... all in a single line. Also gminder is very small and stays in the tray. I hate the present calendar in gnome which is rather windows outlook like.

Then i found this software "remind" in the repositories. i installed it but could not find it in the applications list. refer to this for features.Remind: The Ultimate Personal Calendar | Linux Journal


Also i found the above forum which discusses the issue. but could not quite follow the steps. tried the 1click instal but it didnt work. also the issue is discussed in the context of opensuse 11. i dont y it doesnt work in opensuse12.

Please tell me how to instal this remind software in my opensuse 12 gnome. Even if u could point to me any other application with similar features, it would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.