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    Default Zend framework Tool in OpenSuse ...

    Hi, all!
    I am having problems in installing Zend Tool in my suse ... it looks very easy to install but it is not for me ...
    so I am reading here Zend Framework: Documentation: Using the CLI Tool - Zend Framework Manual and I am trying to make the things work ...
    So first of all when I download the zend framework and I open the bin folder by entering the commands
    cd /opt/lampp/htdocs/zend/bin
    ./ show version
    I have to navigate to the folder with the .sh file and then to open it ... It has to show some response but nothing like this happens ... it shows
    ./ line 44: php: command not found
    I am using xampp ...
    I am not good with the command line but using Zend Tool is really easy in windows and the fact that I cant use it in linux is quite disappointing ...
    the easiest way to work with Zend Tool is to make a bin folder in the htdocs and then to put the and zf.php in that folder and then to make alias to the sh file ... the thing is that when I do that it gives me the same problem (./ line 44: php: command not found) ... do someone has any idea how to fix it ...
    I am using openSuse 12

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    Default Re: Zend framework Tool in OpenSuse ...

    I also has faced to the same problem. is there any way to install php-cli separately on opensuse 12? when I google it I found that on opensuse there are no need to install php5-cli and it's not exists on opensuse because it has bundled with php. I tried to install zend server CE but can't install mysql with it and when I install mysql first php-mysql library has outdated. so can anybody help to execute php commands on terminal on opensuse 12 when using xampp? thanks

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    Default Re: Zend framework Tool in OpenSuse ...

    I don't know I did the right thing, but I think it's right but can't test it because just saw ZF2(still beta) has no Zend_Tool still. things I did is,

    • extract Zend framework to /usr/share/php/Zend/library
    • on terminal su - and enter root password
    • gedit /opt/lampp/etc/php.ini (open php.ini as root) and add zend framework include path; include_path = ".:/usr/share/php/Zend/library" (find include_path on the php.ini)
    • gedit /etc/bash.bashrc.local (to set path to PHP) and add follwing lines;

    export PATH=$PATH:$PHP_HOME/bin
    I think I did right, need to verify.

    Then to work Zend Tools I added following lines to end of .bashrc file (on home/ ctrl +h to show hidden files).
    alias zf=/usr/share/php/Zend/bin/
    currently it gives a fetal error when I write zf show version because still ZF2 hasn't a Zend Tool directory, hope it works with ZF1.

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