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Thread: .gvfs shows using disk space in home dir

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    Default Re: .gvfs shows using disk space in home dir

    Quote Originally Posted by robin_listas View Post
    On 2011-12-27 16:56, ken yap wrote:
    > Of course he can, disconnect or shutdown the remote machine.

    The directory .gvfs is impossible to remove.
    It doesn't matter, as long as there no network filesystem mounted at that mountpoint. That's the hypothesis we want to test, whether the My Computer thingy is counting blocks in remote filesystems or not. You will not be able to remove a FUSE mountpoint as a user anyway.

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    Default Re: .gvfs shows using disk space in home dir

    Hello, I believe it was installed by duplicity, or generated by duplicity / duply when I first used it. I had to use the --gio switch with duplicity to get it to connect to the nas vie ftp & I think that is when I first noticed it.
    Or it may have been Filezilla, I use that to ftp to my nas.

    Funny thing is, I can browse the .gvfs dir as user no problems & access my nas that way

    Actually, it gets even more puzzling.

    If I right click & choose properties of home in dolphin it shows a size of 256.7gb, but at the bottom of the window in device usage it shows 384.8gb free of 417gb (8% used). So dolphin is following the .gvfs dir.

    Ok, the .gvfs dir points to 2 shares, 228.8gb + 12.9gb = 241.7gb

    256.7gb - 241.7gb = 15gb which is about right for my home dir at the moment according to df.

    So there is no 'problem' as such, ie there is no huge file I cannot find consuming space in home.

    Oh & the pesky 'my computer' thing now shows home as 32.2gb, how it gets that I have no idea.

    Thanks for the replies again.

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