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Thread: Menu error in NetworkManager

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    Default Re: Works with new user

    For kwallet
    Delete all these
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    Default Re: Menu error in NetworkManager

    On 04/20/2012 09:46 PM, lshantz wrote:
    > I'm telling you, I am so frustrated right now with 12.1. I wonder how
    > much vetting was done. It has so many new bugs from 11.4, it is
    > shocking! I really regret going for it. 11.4 was usable at least. Why do
    > I even want/need this stupid wallet thing?

    If you are willing to store your wireless secrets/keys in an unencrypted file,
    then you do not need to.

    > I just went into the yast and removed wallet, but it is still loading.
    > Is this like the Novell stuff that you can't hardly remove?
    > I just tried the F5 and selected System V and I got my blue-tooth mouse
    > back, so that is a start. I removed and redid the network connection and
    > it seems to be working. Nope... still sporadic. I think if I can kill
    > wallet, my problems may well be over until this is all fixed.
    > How can I kill wallet, and how do I force it to use System V, assuming
    > this is what is allowing my bluetooth to load now?

    You do a lot of spouting off about the quality of various parts of 12.1, yet you
    have not read the Release Notes! They state how to switch from systemd to
    SystemV, and back.

    If you want the openSUSE releases to improve, one of the critical steps is to
    test early and file bug reports. Each of us sets up our systems differently, and
    run a different workload. As a result, some see no problems, while you seem to
    find a lot; however, if your problems are not reported, then they can never be
    fixed. In general, developers do not read these forums, thus they do not see
    your problem reports here.

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