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Thread: which virtualization should I give a try?

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    Quote Originally Posted by opensuse121 View Post
    Apart from it, how much RAM should I allocate to suppose I install Ubuntu LTS 10.04, ...other questions, should I start the new thread or should I ask here itself?
    Long journey with a (touch wood) happy ending. I altered that bit about "locate", hope it's clearer now.

    The RAM? You can set an amount and alter it later if it doesn't suit. For example: I have 8Gb all up and allocate 3Gb to my windows 7 VM and 2Gb to my windows xp VM, but my openSUSE VM only has 1.5Gb. People with less RAM (than my 8Gb) have to select less amounts for their VMs. I arrived at those amounts by testing with an amount and seeing how it felt when running. It's a trade off because what you use for the VM, you take that away from openSUSE.

    How much RAM have you got all up?
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    Default Re: which virtualization should I give a try?

    Thanks for changing 'locate' to ''then browse it' since now it is more clear, I think so. But I am replying the RAM answers here in this post, since of better categorization. However, I have 2 GB RAM. Thanks. And yes I installed easily that virtual box but a bit confused only earlier since came to know that it was not an error but more of an updation of a package.

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