My 2 cents:

Like everything IT related most managers and media are totally clueless and therefore they tend to over hype everything.
What for a Linux user is no more then something we have been doing for Centuries ... in today's world a fresh new web interface and some helpful highly proprietary and very simple software on windowze makes the media go insane.
And regular PC user Jon Doe does not even care about the consequences of uploading his private data (actually they go all in on it ! massively! it's world insanity at their best), it's all about overcoming/hiding/encapsulating Standard protocols of data transfer and standard Software already in existence for Decades to make something easy accessible in current Jon Doe PC/Smartphone user closed world.

Having said that ... Cloud services are as good as the Context usage is and the provider reliability.
Also about confidentiality and data protection ... anyone can upload data encrypted ... we have gpg for a reason

So it's all about How you use those services , (I do ... ) and for what purpose.

The hype in media ... well it's media ... that's what they serve for. They feed on hyping and are actually paid for that. It's their Core Business ... "Hyping"

Now that those services are many times handy and very useful it's also obvious otherwise the market would make them disappear.
"Cloud" is no more them what we in the Linux community have been fighting for so many year ... Using the Internet as a computing platform.
No more no less.
Cloud is basically no more then Servers running Linux Services online open to the general public. An Obvious evolution in the market for those using Linux for Decades.
Mostly btw ... like 95+% run ...LINUX!

So lets not start to bash the "Cloud" because mainly that is a very vast group of Linux services running online and operated by different companies.

The issue I think the thread was intended to expose is that yes anyone with some Linux knowledge simply does not need the Cloud ... we can do all of that in our own computers at home or in the datacenter.

Oh and btw ... I also expect Anyone with important data on any platform to have .... you guessed it ... Actual, Real, Physical, Multiple ... BACKUPS ...