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Thread: Window Problems in XFCE, 12.1

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    Default Window Problems in XFCE, 12.1

    Using openSUSE 12.1 with XFCE window manager.

    Everything normal when last shut down. Rebooted this morning and have lost most functionality for any windows. the '- + x' is missing in upper right corner and cannot maximize, minimize or close any window. Drop downs in Firefox will not open list of selections. Can't move window on screen.

    This happened once before and the only way I could correct was to re-install. The last time I reinstalled everything that had XFCE in the name that was installed originally but nothing changed until I re-installed entirely.

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    Default Re: Window Problems in XFCE, 12.1

    Found on

    Run xfwm4 in a terminal window.

    This fixed it

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    Default Re: Window Problems in XFCE, 12.1

    > This fixed it

    but, did it actually fix the problem, or just remove the symptoms shown
    by the problem??

    that is to say: What caused this problem (and/or symptom)? was it a
    software, hardware of user induced problem?

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