Dear all,
I am looking for a simple CMS System that can do something simple:

I want to use it mainly for note taking.
I want to have on the left side a few links for the categories I am handling. Each such category I want to redirect me to the "main page" of that category where I will put notes with a date stamp.
Whenever I add new content to the page of each category I want that to be also in the main page under the label ¨latest addition". There the text of the addition (with the date) will be visible with a link to redirect me to the main category page and read more.

I know that all cms can do something like that. MY problem is that the most CMS can do much much more which I do not need.
So far I was doing that with a few static html pages but the burden of updating the main page and each category has started to growing up a lot.

I also do not need many visualization. So far I was using white background with black fonts and only I changed the font type to verdana.

Do you know any cms system that can support such a simple operation?